Muzo aka Alphonso Previews Artwork For Mother Gla


Muzo aka Alphonso is on the verge of dropping the second Installment EP called “Mother Gla“. This is a follow-up project to his previous EP called “Massacre” which was received with mixed reviews. The album cover shows the Kasama Swag protege sitting on a Chair. This is the first album cover Which shows the rapper as most of his previous Album artworks for both the unreleased “Am in Asia” and the newest EP “Massacre depicted different characters.

Mother Gla” is set to drop anytime soon and it’s being produced by “Red Castle” CEO ” Shinko Beats“. In a telephone interview 0n 31th October 2018 with Zedhypemag, Muzo aka Alphonso made mention that he recorded 8 songs at once similar to what he did with his previous EP.

In an interaction fans, the controversial Bemba rapper replied to a fan saying Mother Gla ni Ba mayo (Grandmother). Alas, fans have been complaining about his new style on social media platforms and they are hoping the new album gives some dejavu feeling. Fans are expectant and longing for the Muzo aka Alphonso who did unasheko insele and they are also looking forward to the release of Mama Weh video.

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