Zambian Musician Mwaba Mulenga popularly known as Nice M has been arrested on two counts of burglary and theft and one count of house breaking and theft.

The 30-year-old Artiste is alleged to have broken into the house of Alpha Entertainments Music Producer Daniel Kufuna (Dice) and Valentine Chilanda where he stole items worth over Twenty Thousand Kwacha.
Nice M is also alleged to have stolen goods worth Ten Thousand Kwacha after breaking into the house of the person only identified as Muyunda.
Another case of the musician stealing from his girlfriend only identified as Patricia is also being investigated by police.

The Musician, famous for his “Nchita Nganaponena” song that also features Pilato and Chef 187, is currently in custody at Ndola’s Kansenshi police station.

Story Credit: Zed Gossip