Mr. Warren |Biography & Profile


G Bwembya Maiseke aka as Mr Warren is a Zambian music legend who joined the Zambian music industry as early as 1999. In 2004 he released a hit entitled Kumangalande which received massive air play, it introduced him to a lot of people and fellow artists, this pushed him to take his music to another level.

Later in 2005 he released his first album entitled Nishita. Over the years he has been gracing the music industry with great sounds like Nshakongola ndeke, Nambwela kutenga madam, Naipopoka, Rainbow , Game Changer just to mention a few. He has worked with other big artists like JK, Macky 2, OC, B1, Shenky, Tyce, Rich Bizzy, Dandy Krazy, Chesta, Drifta Trek among others.

Apart from music Mr Warren is also a business man. In 2020 he intends to drop what he calls the greatest album he has ever done released, he intends to do great collaborations and music videos as well. Mr Warren as also announced releasing new singles in a few weeks time.