Macky 2 stirs Buzz after rocking a Bib, Blasts Critics Later!


HipHop sensation and boss of Alpha Entertainments record label recently got caught up in Social media circus after he posted a picture of him wearing a bib or harness. Macky 2 also further emphasized he is rebranding himself in the caption. However, the new look didn’t sit well with many people online who decided to tease him and make all sorts of memes.

The “Banono” Hitmaker couldn’t let critics get to him as he decided to retaliate with a Facebook post. Macky 2 called everyone throwing shade at him “Fontini” and compares his dressing to that of Michael B Jordan and Chadwick Boseman who also wore a bib.

Macky 2 isn’t new to fashion controversy as the rapper continues to trend time and again.