Macky 2 Speaks Out!


MK Macky 2 recently had something to say which left Zambian Music fans Buzzing. The award winning Zambian artiste has his own view of the impact of social media on the local entertainment industry.

Macky 2 Posted on his Facebook Page;

I Wish Zambian Music Fans And Blogs Would Use Social Media As A Tool To Build Zambian Music And Not Always Drag It Through The Mad And Trash it. Lately I Have Seen Very Disturbing Stories About Slap D and Ephraim Being Shared, And Honestly It Is Sickening.. Especially That Most Of These Stories Are Not Even True. Artists Spend Years Building Their Careers And Creating A Brand That Will Not Only Entertain But Inspire Millions Of People.. And A Single Scandalous story on social media may damage that image forever. I Know Somethings Are Funny, Entertaining And Get More Like And Comments.. But Please Be Mindful Of What You Post Or Share. I Love My People But I Think We Need To Be More Patriotic And Supportive. We Need To Learn To Love Our Own People, Our Own Culture And Tradition.