Macky 2 accused of Sampling P Jr Umuselemani’s Beat


Alpha Entertainments boss and rap act “Macky 2 has been accused of sampling a beat for fast rising star “P Jr Umuselemani to make his latest hit “Akampukunya“. The song he is heavily accused of sampling is Dace Yamashilu which dropped in August.

When Macky 2 dropped his song which also features “May C”, many of his followers couldn’t hesitate to notice the similarities and decided to bash him in the comments. Check out the screenshots of the comments below!

Macky 2′s song was produced by “Koffi Mix” at “Spaceship Music” and it somehow has a similar Instrumental. P Jr Umuselemani’s “Dance Yamashilu” on the other hand was produced by Electric Hands and both songs have a similar Kopala Vibe and rhythm. Download Macky 2 song here and watch Video for P Jr Umuselemani below!


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