Lusaka’s Hardest Ohn Humbled By Hackers.


It is a bitter weekend climax for Zambia’s own hardest ohn Mix Kasamwa. The talented content creator has tuned to have lost all his YouTube videos which have been deleted by hackers after they gained access to his YouTube Channel. Fans are however offering their moral support with most of them referring to the incidence as a pwag move by haters. The ‘it’s bookie’ hit maker has however contacted Google and YouTube to seek advice on how he can have his content back.
The hackers further stunted on his channel by going live to promote crypto currency with over 4000 watching.
Mix Kasamwa had just finished celebrating an amazing birthday when he found out the hackers had tripped on his account with over 18K subscribers. In these tough times where mandems are pegging over mental issues it’s only right for ZHM to wish Mix Kasamwa to remain the hardest ohn we know him to be and bounce back.
“In Mix’s Language” The Lusaka Starter Pack Season 1 was a wrap and Season 2 is expected to spazz. Although the Kembos have perfed on an ohn they won’t stop sheets from happening.


Credit: Enock M Mwewa (Heights)


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