King Illest Explains the Concept Behind His SDA Look Alike Attire

King Illest Performing at his Birthday Bash


Award winning HipHop artiste “Mainga Mukando” popularly known as King Illest sparked controversy and social media backlash over the weekend. This was after pictures of him in what appears to be SDA alike uniform surfaced online.

The rapper was performing at his Birthday Bash at Crossbar in Lusaka where he was photographed on stage with a Bottle on Liquor. This didn’t sit well with some members of the Seventh Adventist Church who considered wearing the attire at such an event disrespectful. The attire had emblems of SDA’s Master Guide, Pathfinder and Youth Leadership.

However when asked by our staff, King Illest said the attire was a way of paying Homage to the King of Thailand whose Birthday is Celebrated on 5th December, the day before his Birthday Bash.  He also pointed out that the King of Thailand wears the attire similar to the one he put on at the event.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand

When asked about the SDA Emblems on the attire, King Illest said they were put without his consent by his designer and it was too late for him to change as it got presented to him immediately before he hit the stage.

The rapper also explained that the Bottle of Liquor he was holding in the pic is Dusse owned by rapper Jay Z who celebrated his 50th Birthday on 4th December, the same day King Illest had his Birthday Bash. According to him, it was also a way of paying Homage to the GOAT East cost HipHop Mogul and Billionaire!