Kaladanya Or Nexus Where Does King Illest Belong?



I Don’t Feel Left Out By Kalandanya or NexusKing Illest.

Award Winning rapper, King Illest, has expressed how he does not feel left out by record labels, Kalandaya Music Promotions and Nexus Music, who have been signing most of Zambia’s top tier artists.

The “Kakwama” hit maker featured on Radio Phoenix’s Tonight Live show with Chimweka and The Duchess monitored by Dennis Vampking of Zed Hype Mag last night, where he said that the two labels are doing remarkable work in uniting the industry and that he is optimistic that they will take Zambian music across the Zambian borders on a mainstream level.

When asked to choose which of the two labels he would rather sign with, King Illest denied to respond but stated that he is willing to work with who approaches him. He also gave credit to all the artists signed to either one of these record labels.

King Illest went on to say that if Zambia is to reach higher international levels, there is need to increase the levels of exposure, improve the systems in Zambia, promotional styles, availability of resources and financing.

During the interview, King Illest also disclosed how Chef 187 is one of the most humble celebrities in Zambian music, further wishing he could emulate his humility. The King of the South also gave credit to Slapdee’sLituation” song featuring Patoranking as an example of a quality collaboration by a Zambian and an international act.