K Smash-Biography & Profile

Kalumba Chikonde professionally known as “K Smash” is a radio, TV presenter and now Public Relations practitioner, who has been championing Zambian music since 1997.
K Smash is the bed-rock of the Zambian music industry we see and enjoy today. His contribution to the growth of the industry dates back to 1997, when he started a show called the “Hot Demo Action” on Radio Phoenix FM. It was this show that birthed some of the iconic artists we celebrate today.
From the “Hot Demo Action” show to pioneering the “Local Rhythms Countdown” show. Thus, some Zambian music fans & enthusiasts call him (K Smash) the “Father of the Local Rhythms Countdown” show.
Away from radio, Kalumba sharpened the industry through TV. He was host of the “Mondo Music Zone” on ZNBC TV and later moved to host the “Pipo’s Choice” on Muvi TV.
K Smash’s contribution to the industry has been vivid enough and hasn’t gone unnoticed as he was crowned “Radio Legend” in December, 2016 at the inaugural Zambian Music Radio Awards.
They say, “Not all heroes wear caps” and K Smash is a living testimony to such a quotable. His immerse contribution towards sharpening the music industry is second to none.
Source:Zambezi Juice