Jae Cash Reveals Giovanni Track List


K-amy has finally released the tracklist to Jae Cash’s debut album titled “Giovanni”. The 22 track album is already seen as a heavy project. The album has special features from Kekero, Chef 187, Mouby Roux, Dope G, Daev, Kb, Roberto, Ray D, Willz, Dreams, Bravo, Drifta Trek, Neo, Izreal, Alpha Romeo, Amerigo, Assa, etc. Production credit for the album goes to KB, Mr. Starsh, Reverb, Kekero, Jay B Walter, Wau with Big Bizzy producing more than 6 songs.

Jae cash had previous put out 2 lead singles for promo from the album. Below is the full album tracklist;

  1. Intor (Prod. By KB)
  2. Akamutima ft Kekro (Prod. By Kekero)
  3. Giovanni ft Wezi (Prod. By KB)
  4. Cheerleader ft Chef 187 (Prod. By Big Bizzy)
  5. Kwacha Kwacha ft Mouby Roux (prod. By Big Bizzy)
  6. Ndiye Che Mwenilili ft Dope G (prod. By Big Bizzy)
  7. Ride or Die ft Daev & KB (Prod. By Starsh)
  8. Destiny ft Roberto (Prod. By KB)
  9. Tyoka ft Chef 187 & Ray D (Prod. By Jazzy Boy)
  10. Malaika ft Willz (Prod. By Big Bizzy)
  11. Wemusuma ft Dreams, Bravo (Prod. By KB)
  12. Ninadya One ft Drifta Trek (Prod by Reverb)
  13. I Pray ft Neo (prod. By KB)
  14. Dear KB ft Izreal, Apha Romeo, KB (Prod. By KB)
  15. Psycho (Prod. By Jay Walter)
  16. Imozi ft Amerigo (Prod. Big Bizzy)
  17. Niwe Nasal aft Assa (Prod. By KB)
  18. My Baby ft Assa (prod. By Big Bizzy)


Bonus Tracks

  1. Finally ft Wau (Prod. By Wau)
  2. Malita ft Ricky Phanton (Prod. By KB)
  3. 16 Barz ft Chef 187, Ll Mojo, Freasky & Mr Kabovelo (Prod. By Jay B Walter)
  4. Funs oft Ben (Prod. By Big Bizzy)

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