Ivanca Bianca Goes on a Rant and Claims she’s bigger Than XYZ


HipHop artiste and Socialite “Ivanca Bianca” today went on a 30minutes Social Media rant and threw shots at XYZ. The rapper who recently released her single called “On a Mission” featuring “Bow Chase” took shots mainly at Mohsin Malik and also included rapper K-Star

According to Bianca, XYZ Producer “Mohsin Malik” stole the Instrumental for Brawen’s “M.O.A.M” from “On a Mission”. She further rips off “Brawen” and alleges he jacked the song Concept from her. “M.O.A.M” which was released yesterday has the similar repetitive lyrics on the hook with “On the Mission”. She claims Mohsin Malik stole the Instrumental when she played her the song sometime back.

The Socialite turned rapper also claims XYZ rappers are broke and portray a fake lavish lifestyle before taking a Swipe at rapper and comedian K-Star. Ivanca Bianca has risen to be a very controversial social media figure and Rapper and has been at odds with several celebrities. The artwork and Video concept for “On A Mission” was criticized by many and label ‘blasphemous‘ although the actual song received quite positive reviews from listeners and critics alike.