Hip Hop Beef Erupts Between Bobby East and SmaQ, Dj Showsar and H-Mac come to Bobby East’s Rescue


Bobby East and SmaQ have recently engaged in Shots on Facebook in what can be termed as the “Battle for the Chunga throne“. The two emcees (Both from Chunga) were at one time besties but somehow along the way, the Bond got broken.

Although the beef was all through subliminal with Daywalker firing shots on”Hard Feelings” by Mzengaman, it became an open fight when SmaQ posted about comparison with Mr. East on Facebook.

“come on guys Bobby still stays with his parents and I’m on my own, how can you compare the two?…”

Well, Mr East did not take time to respond;
“Dear Aubrey,
Enjoy this lil exposure I am about to give you but know it won’t make your music any better,give you shows or make you any money.The first recordings you ever made in your life were done at a building my parents owned the same parents you shamelessly posted about on Facebook cause of petty jealousy,insecurity and basic lack of morals.Posting lies about me wont help you,you should have taken my advice in “hard feelings” to motivate you to elevate your bars and your music but alas here you are d*** riding once again.I have worked hard to get where I am fam I make music and mind my own business.You will be wise to do the same…

The Host of Controversial Hi-5 show was the first one to come to Bobby East’s aid with the Facebook post below;

The XYZ Manager “Dj H-Mac” also had something to say…..

The Drama keeps on Folding but the Question is where is it headed??