Here Is what we Know About Chef 187’s Next Album


It has been more than 2 Years since Chef 187 released his previous album called “Amnesia” and it’s safe to say his fans are now hungry for a new project. Unlike most Local artistes who hint albums and even announce titles months or even years before dropping them, Chef 187 has a more professional approach. The rapper has never delayed to officially release an album after announcing it in most cases giving a minimal promo space of only months.

For those who have been paying attention, Chef 187 announced “Tuleya Tulekula” as his first official single when the song dropped in February despite dropping “Pre-Season Freestyle late last year. Based on our prediction, Chef 187’s next album might be called “Bon Appetit”. The rapper is Known for mentioning the album title on his songs and the same can be noted with his “Amnesia” album. Chef 187 Mentions “Bon Appetit” on “Tuleya Tulekula” (First album single) and also mentions the same on the snippet of “Ghetto Code” which will feature “Jemax”. (Listen Here)

Bon Appetit” is a French Phrase which means “Enjoy Your Meal”. But why name it “Bon Appetit?”. The Alpha Entertainments rapper has been dissecting the meaning of his stage name as “A Chef who is Cooking Music”. “If Music Is Food, The am the Chef Cooking It”, he would mostly explain when asked during Interviews. Clearly Chef 187 wants us to enjoy his next album (Bon Appetit) and he is already in the Studio Cooking awaiting serving. (Season Nayamba).

At the moment we can’t say much about the release date but we are very certain it will drop anytime soon this year!