Hamoba announces new album and gives some advice to New artists


Music legend Hamoba who has been on and off the music scene has announced his official music come back and shared that he is set to release a new album soon.

The singer was speaking in an interview with DJ PMC this Sunday on Pan African radio. Hamoba said his come back was inspired by the love and pressure he got from his fans during his absence. The singer has a new song called ‘Maria‘, a love song produced under Roma side.

When asked by DJ PMC to give some advice to New artists Hamoba said they should aim to make music that lasts not just hit songs that fade away quickly. He added that if they are going to release good albums they should combine hits with lasting music, music which can still be listened to years from now.

He also mentioned that he loves how Zambian music has evolved cause there’s more competition, deals and endorsements.