Fan Buys a Copy of ‘Bon Appetit’ at K10, 000 During launch Party



HipHop Loyalty “Chef 187” just made a huge bag off his latest album ‘Bon Appetit” with just a single sale at the release party. The rapper is reported to have sold a single copy at K10, 000 to a loyal female fan.

The lady who bought the album has later been identified as ‘Mutinta Musokotwane, the Wife to singer “Runnel”. This is a huge gesture which should be celebrated. The news has been confirmed by several people who attended the event at Crossbar including part of Chef 187‘s team.

The album is currently being sold at K150 per physical copy and is also available on all digital music platforms. ‘Bon Appetit” is also currently trending on Twitter since its release making it the first local album to do so!