Drimz Explains Why He Didn’t Withdraw From Kwacha Music Awards

Just when one thought the Kwacha Music Awards frenzy was done, Drimz has joined the bandwagon of artistes dissatisfied with the Kwacha Music Awards (KMAs).
The “Ireen Mambilima” and “Effort” hitmaker featured on Diamond TV’s On The Table show with Chimweka where he narrates that he wanted to withdraw his participation in the KMAs even before Chef 187 did, except he just didn’t want it to go out on social media.
He further narrated that he reconsidered withdrawing after Mampi and Jay Rox withdrew, mainly because he didn’t want to seem like he was just copying.
Drimz explained that he was not satisfied with being nominated the Central Province Act category again as he feels it’s limiting him to just an artist from Central Province.
Drimz has not officially withdrawn his nomination, but has also admitted to not advertising his nomination by asking his fans to vote.