Drifta Trek Puts Beef Aside, Joins the #Kyrtic2018BETCypher Campaign


When Most Zambians on social Media are Heavily Campaigning for “K.R.Y.T.I.C” to Rep Zambia at Next year’s BET Africa Cypher, His Rival “Drifta Trek” has also joined the campaign.

Drifta Trek who has been involved in beef with K.R.Y.T.I.C today posted the Hash Tag # on his Facebook account (See Posts below).

This is a very encouraging Notion and calls for Every Zambian on Social Media’s Involvement in the campaign. K.R.Y.I.T.C and Drifta Trek have been beefing ever since the later blew up with “Ntongo” a song which K.Y.R.T.I.C believed it was stolen idea from is “Vitumbuwa” hit.

Their un-squashed feud has escalated over the years with both Social Media and Lyrical jabs being engaged.