“Don’t let them sign you” – Says Umusepela Chile


One of Zambia’s unique current coming out Artist Umusepela Chile shares his Entertainment industry views. As he writes to our editorial team.

Dear Editor

Don’t hide my identity because am not scared of any thing or anybody.

Being under ground its very stressing and hot i want to have some fresh air. I want to see and feel the dangers they talk about when they say its not easy to be on top. Because honestly i just feel like they scare us so that we don’t scare them back ,but join them and make us feel like them only understands the industry pressure.

“Zambian music or should i say Entertainment industry is like a bridge that can only contain a few names” thats what they say,meaning you can only be remembered if you are attached to any of these names. Am talking about a situation where you are listed after or under some one. Iam not against to such because one day i would like to see people spotlighting me then sharing my light to others. But i wouldn’t like it to be similar to our current situation where the old doesn’t want to accept that they are old.

Many are times i see some entertainers coming out so energetic and passionate but due to the mentors they involve themselves with , their drive suddenly dies and they join the common make money slogan, Which invites pride and 100 % promotes laziness making them forget about their entertainment industry aspirations and goals .

If we want to make it international we don’t need the stick together saying, but actions will help us. Iam not talking about affiliating with the already made but challenging and pushing them to do better.

Why join when they have failed?

The problem is that we forget our plans when a bulb lights on our talents and when  the spotlight comes it finds us under some ones shade, automatically he or she get the opportunity to remain on top again if there is any.

Don’t let them sign you its better you sign them since you are the celebrity.lol

Yours truly Umusepela Chile.