DJ Showstar’s Eccentric Rise To Stardom


The rise of DJ Showstar

Behind every successful being  is a rich story filled with inspiration and hard work. DJ Showstar’s journey is not an exception.

Showstar is a Zambian radio DJ, TV presenter and entrepreneur his journey can be traced as far as him hosting a late night show on one of Zambia’s Leading radio station  Hone Fm.
He then moving to winning the best male radio DJ award at the Zambian music awards in 2016 that same year he started working with one of Zambia’s most popular radio stations Q Fm, he was then given a television show to host called Hi-5. This show promotes Zambian music across different genres.

Over the years Hi-5 became an house hold name because it hosted some of Zambia’s big names in the music industry. He then created a YouTube channel for his TV and radio interviews which has grown with lots of subscribers and views. He recently shared of video of him interviewing the most popular opposition president Mr Hakainda Hichilema.

As a DJ he hosts the Q FM breakfast show were he has managed to interview some of Zambia’s prominent figures from different walks of life.

In addition to all this Showstar also runs his own music website called were he strictly promotes Zambian music and gives updates of the most downloaded songs.
The DJ said he is putting in a lot of work in the background and has something new coming.

In his recent interview with Sally Tembo DJ Showstar said he is introducing a platform that will change the face of Zambian music forever. He also added that there’s so much he intends to do for the industry.


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