Dj H-Mac Endorses Kekero as New ‘Jerry Fingers’


XYZ Manager Dj H-mac says Kekero is the New “Jerry Fingers”. Kekero is arguably the most Trending Music producers at the moment behind mega hits like Anajaila cover by Wezi, Kantu & Bombshell as well as the original version of the song by Tiye-P. Kekero who also produced and co-wrote Bombshell’s latest single “Only a Girl” and Jae Cash’ “Akamutima” Hit song is a multi-talent Producer, Singer, Song-Writer and Videographer.

He is also the co-writer of JK’s “Paduze” hit which featured International Afro-Pop star “Yemi Alade”. On the other hand, Jerry Fingers is a veteran Zambian Music Producer who is behind the establishment of many Zambian Musicians and the production of many Zed Hit songs. Do you agree with H-Mack’s Statement?