Dj Creejay Explains Why The Dj’s Association Of Zambia Failed To Work.


After so many calls for unity in the entertainment industry, entertainers have made efforts to act and speak with one voice, Disc Jockeys being a part of them.

Renowned DJ, DJ Creejay who was one of the pioneers of the DJ’s Association of Zambia explained to Chimweka Chileshe during Diamond TV’s On The Table show that after registering the association, they were faced by many challenges that hindered their success.

He cited the major challenge as putting people together as certain older DJs felt they couldn’t be led by younger DJs and vice versa.

Despite the ego flairs amongst the DJs, Creejay also confirmed that they is a possibility of an official launch this year to make the association active again.

In the interview, Creejay also stood as ground as a self proclaimed “King of Festivals” because he performed at almost all major festivals in the last two years.

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