Cleo Ice Queen Claps Back At Brisky


Almost a couple of weeks ago, Brisky slamed Tiye-P and Cleo Ice Queen on Social Media. The feemcee accused Cleo Ice Queen of Being ‘A Nicki Minaj wanna Be” and Having Ghost Writers while Tiye-P was slammed for allegedly missing beats.

To set the record straight, Cleo Ice Queen decided to respond to Brisky few days ago and her Response can only be termed “Mature“. The rapper used her Facebook page to send the message which however didn’t directly  a direct recipient. Below is her subliminal Facebook post;

“If you have or haven’t noticed; I don’t EVER associate myself with negativity. I’m a proud mother (who muva!!? Lol) and I’m all about unity and progress. I personally don’t have a problem with anyone in the industry, I work with everybody who is focused, committed and serious! There’s no time to fight each other, there’s only time to build the industry so the future generation can have a solid foundation and reap from the garden. What is there to fight for in this Zambian entertainment industry??? Anybody can say anything they want about me but personally all I see is talented sisters and brothers in our industry and it’s all love…