“Chester should Just call Chef 187 before he drowns”- (By Promise)


Its like i knew this moment will come when Chester will be like he never existed. Honestly writing if I was asked the where about of Chester I would say I don’t know with so much laughter. The man was doing it good before the previous elections I guess that’s why he was picked by some political party.
A lot have forgotten their roots and purpose with this thing we call music business.I thought it was supposed to be music industry the last time I checked.They first came with passion before the fame and now they joined the auction, Which has made most artist to loose public value.

Inclosing themselves to a certain group of people has contributed a lot.
Please get me correctly :I am not against doing it for the money but i am proudly against doing it for a man.

I guess this is where education comes in and I mean academic.
An artist should learn to plan by first noticing the type of audience he wants or has, then begin to make decisions based on that.
Do you want to be a seasonal artist or an artist of all times? That’s my question. Iam not saying Chester is a seasonal artist but am kindly asking every one this dramatic question to me which goes like “where is chester?”
We had a number of artists going against each other during those times and to my surprise even those who did songs about the one Zambia one
nation slogan where involved in this scenario by taking sides.

This made them look hypocrites to their die hard fans. I know these artists don’t care about their fans but am sure their fans do.
Not forgetting me  who cares a lot about the music industry.
Maybe we should stand up as music observers and begin a Chester search campaign because we really need him back. Him on the same beat with Chef 187  wouldn’t be a problem i think .Because so far chef has proved to be the last man standing at least for now. Chester is a very good talented artist who even I get to like his music. His production is on point not to talk of his concepts and deliveries.

If only he can come back with another amazing hit I would be glad or should I say we would be glad as Zambian music lovers.
I believe he is in the studio right now working on something but let it be fast before he gets replaced.

Article by Promise.

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