Chef 187 Slams A Fan For an ‘XYZ’ Awful Comment



HipHop artiste “Chef 187” is not taking ridicule and sarcastic comments from Internet trolls anymore. The Kopala Swag rapper recently gave an ultimate clap back to a social media who decided to troll him on his post.

Chef 187 updated his status on his official Facebook page about Macky 2’s “All Stars” which will features 43 local music acts. However, the Facebook user named “Jere Mathew Teyo” had a different opinion and a demand about the song. According to “Jere” the song needed renovation if it did not feature XYZ Artistes. (See Embed Screenshot Below).

The comment couldn’t be taken lightly by Chef 187 who rather suggest its his (Jere) mind which needed renovation because XYZ artistes are actually on the record. This is not the first Chef 187 has clapped back to his fans online as he continues to keep a record now. He has severally been caught in such situations especially on Twitter.