Chef 187 Responds to Criticism about ‘Tuleya Tulekula’s Placement in KMA HipHop/Rap Category



Many people have been critical about “Tuleya Tulekula” being nominated for ‘Best HipHop/Rap Song‘ in this year’s “Kwacha Music Awards”. According to critics, the song is not supposed to be nominated in that category as it is mainly viewed as a Zed Beat/Afro beat song.

One fan in particular decided to directly Criticize Chef 187 on twitter to which the Alpha Entertainments rapper responded. Chef 187 explained it might not be a HipHop song but it still qualifies to be a rap song hence making it eligible to be in ‘Best HipHop/Rap‘ Category.

This is not the first time many people have criticized the awards for placing certain rap fused songs in the Best HipHop rap category. In fact Head of media for “Kwacha Music AwardsMr. Sotiris Chronis emphasized the songs are fused with rap lyrics hence making them eligible to be in that category. This is something which is happening even in music awards in other countries!