Chef 187 & Mampi React to Tommy D’s Verse on “Keep Forgetting”


Multi-award winning HipHop act “Chef 187” has been named dropped by “Tommy D’ on “Keep forgetting” and this has since stirred so much debate on social media. In fact a lot of people are considering it a diss as “Tommy D” calls “Chef 187” Kapyopyo  on the record  and that he hides from him whenever they bump into each other despite asking him for a feature back in the day.

However, Chef 187 seemingly does or doesn’t think the rap icon was actually dissing him. In the tweet embedded below, the rapper agrees with “Chisenga Fka Crisis” who says Tommy D was instead having a conversation with himself although Chef 187 adds a question mark to his tweet. The makes his response a bit sarcastic as Chisenga goes futher to suggest both Chef 187 and Tommy D meet up and talk like men.

Tommy D didn’t just name drop Chef 187 alone as he talked also about the likes of Slapdee, Macky 2 and Mampi and how helped them during their come up days. In fact, Mampi also weighs-in in the Twitter conversation as she points out that she didn’t see it coming. However, Mampi seems to respects that it comes from Tommy D‘s heart and maybe she needs to do more as a friend.