Chef 187, Attracts Cable News Network (CNN)



Chef 187 is one artist who every one wants to hear his story over and over again, no matter how often he can tell about him self. So far Zambian music lovers have come to accept and they have all indirectly agreed that Chef 187 has been blessed with a Golden voice which just suits every beat he has jumped on and they all believe that he is the only artist they would fully trust in a competition between Zambia other countries where music is concerned.

Chef 187 always emphasizes on being humble because its for this reason that he has achieved a lot, despite having external forces in his music career. Currently he happens to be the only Zambian hip hop manufacture with an awesome recipe, which has made and still making more fans to be addicted to his products. This Koppala swag human machine, or Chef 187 has done a number of meaningful songs bringing courage to a lot of people which has helped  his music chats not to kiss any letter from the word falling. Him discovering the potential and influence he has built,has just made him to safe guard and strategically store himself in a cool and dry place, where not every eye can see him but he has increased chances of him being heard by every ear.
Talking of chances of being heard by every ear, Koppala Chef went as far as allowing the Cable News Network team popularly known as ( CNN) to interview him, on issues concerning his music career. CNN is an International media which only takes keen interests in burning and important International stories. This just shows how important our very own Chef 187 is becoming.

Watch and listen to, Chef 187 as He talks about music, soccer and swag.

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