Celebrity Entertainment Promoter Shawn Kayster Confirms Rebuffing KMP’s Signing Deal. Here is why!!!



In what could have been a dream come true and arrive to stardom for most Zambian Entertainment Industry members ,this was not the case for Zambia’s renowned entertainment Promoter Shawn Kayster who happens to be  a brick of one of the four cornerstones of  the entertainment industry in Zambia, It all went southwards after  Kayster was presented with a major signing deal by one of Zambia’s Top notch music promoting company “Kalandanya”  which to the surprise of many he turned down , unlike most of his affiliates and industry colleagues Kayster chose his morals above putting  ink on that  black and white signing deal with the fast rising entertainment company  Kalandanya Music Promotion which is KMP by acronym.

The reason for his denial is something subliminally clarified and justified on one of his social media post which he captioned “I am With Zambians”of which  later on he added some fresh to the bone by responding to a fan who asked him if he was signed to KMP or not of which he responded with full clarification of why he is not.

See the screenshots below

Of late KMP’S signed artistes are trending for political reasons best believed to have been motivated by the signing company KMP.