Camstar Reveals the Selfishness and Improper Management System at Alpha Entertainments



Former Alpha Entertainments and Kopala Swag rapper “Camstar” recently had an Interview with PMC on Joy FM during which he disclosed why he left his former label. Camstar left Kopala Swag more than a year ago and joined XYZ Entertainments and this is the first time he has publicly explained why he left.

During the Interview which was monitored by our desk, Camstar cites Lack of Proper management systems and Selfishness at Alpha Entertainments as reasons why he left. According to him, only Chef 187 and Macky 2 have managers while everyone at the label  doesn’t have. He also highlighted that both top artistes at the label never supported his music and only focused on themselves.

Camstar further pointed out that XYZ Entertainments conducts its business professionally without any personal feelings involved. The rapper has since promised to put out a lot of music and perform at various events henceforth.  Capital also said he has a lot of recorded music which is waiting to be released. Watch Interview below!