Brisky On Her Career, Denies To Have ever Dated Tiye-P


Brisky” who featured on this week’s edition of HipHop Eardrum Hosted by Sanga tembo says she is back in the game and currently working with two recording studios. She says she might drop an album.

When asked about the “Tiye-P” and Alpha Romeo saga, Brisky says she never dated “Tiye-P” and everything the rapper put out on songs was just making up “Acting”.

However, the female rapper admits to have dated “Alpha Romeo.” According to Brisky, She left Young Energy after Breaking up with Alpha Romeo who decided to date another lady from among the clique.

Brisky who was signed to Dj Mzengamans M. Beats generation also recalled how the record label’s Boss terminated her deal via social media. The Female emcee also says at the moment competition in the game is very stiff for her to gain momentum. This is because everyone is trying to compare her with other female rappers. She also sighted it was very easy for to make it during her coming up because she was the only female rapper by then.

Brisky has been absent from the limelight since her last smash hit “History” which featured Kantu.