Bright Nguni Set to RELEASE His Fashion Collection “Underrated Youth” Independently Between Dec 2022 & Early Jan 2023


The Collection Underrated Youth is inspired by The Struggles of being Looked down on in Society . Being Seen as a person who cannot achieve anything because of a background or an area where one comes from ! This Collection is for the Nobody’s with a vision , The Youth with a game plan , “We Shall make it out “ The Collection Has Unique Prints with Powerful Quotes made by Bright Nguni himself .The Collection Incorporates Punk Clothing and  Urdan Streetwear .

Early Life.

Being Low-key in the Fashion scene, Bright Nguni has Worked with Big Brands Like Sneaker Goats a Zambian Retail Brand Founded by Chikuza Zulu in Lusaka , Zambia , They Bought Jordans for Cheaps repackaged them and Sold them for profits  . In 2015 Bright Nguni Co- Founded Westech and Boutique With Chipoya Chipo-West Who Was his Friend in High School . This Collab become insanely Popular Reaching Heights of 23K Social media Followers . They Worked With Brian Chanda Innovations, Ulundi Fashion House , the United States embassy in Zambia just to name a few .


Bright Nguni born (28 May 1999) Lusaka Zambia , He become a Child Model in early 2007s And  Won an Award at the Jack and Jill Annual Bowl as first Prince .Including Few more Private Modeling Competitions.

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