Bobby Easy Teases Mini Online Concert Amid Covid19 Pandemic Fallouts



Zambia’s celebrated rapper and XYZ CEO Bobby East has teased on his Twitter account @VanillaDzaddy to present a concert that everyone with internet access would be able to watch. The Multi award winning Entertainment artiste has also promised that his band will be present but maintain the highly emphasized social distance to keep safe in case Convid19 attends it too.

In a time as this where social isolation is a priority, Mr East will be able to entertain his fans from the comfort of their homes in a move worth two rounds of applause and should be emulated by other entertainment acts.

This might as well be the first internet concert Zambia has ever had and cannot come at a better time than this.

Social Distancing,No crowd gatherings ,Closure of bars and no functions are a few fallouts of Covid19 Pandemic.

Check The Tweet Below.