Bobby East Responds to J.O.B On “Killmonger Freestyle” & Tweets They Have Squashed Differences



XYZ Entertainment Recording rapper and CEO “Bobby East” responded to J.O.B’s Dear Brother barely 48hrs after the song was released. The multi-award winning rapper decided to tell his side of the story on a freestyle record tagged “Killmonger Freestyle” where he rapped over a JayZ Instrumental.

On the song, Bobby East starts by refuting claims made by his former friend and Collaborator “J.O.B“. The rapper claims, J.O.B kicked him out and decided to give him space and hence left. He further states that J.O.B was married at the time and its him (Bobby East) who had intentions over the girl and decided to let his friend know. Bobby East also claims he never made it to J.O.B‘s Dad funeral because it was in Mongu and the rapper wasn’t picking up his calls. He also raps about being neglected by J.O.B when he had a court case over the Sextape.

The response track has since been received with Mixed feelings with many still not convinced. However hours after the release of “Killmonger Freestyle”, Bobby East tweeted the 2 have decided to squash the feud and reconcile.