Bobby East Reacts after Social Media Condemns “Van Damme” Video


Nez Long’s Long awaited “Van Damme” Video has not been positively received and as a matter of fact many people think it’s a flop. Well apparently critics had high expectations considering the audio was such a big hit. Among the people to have openly criticized the Video is Singer “T-Low” who later took down his Facebook post and apologized.

However, the criticism didn’t sink very well with Vanilla Rob (Bobby East) who features on the hook of the Smash Hit. To respond to the Negative Criticism and reviews, Bobby East decided to Tweet his thoughts. Check em out below!

Meanwhile, Nez Long earlier acknowledged the Criticism and promised T-Low he will work hard next time. The Music Video for “Van Damme” by Nez Long Featuring Bobby East and Chef 187 was shot and directed by Tip Tronic Media Arts.