Bobby East Gets Vodafone’s Attention After Twitter Rant


XYZ Entertainment CEO and Rapper Bobby East Yesterday Went off on Twitter and Lashed out at Vodafone for Leaving out of the Forthcoming HipHop Show. The award winning rapper yesterday complained why they (Show Organizers) decided to leave him out despite being a Top HipHop Artiste.

 Bobby East argued that he might have a catalog of Afro Pop Hits but he is still a HipHop artiste whose shows a lot attracts fans. In his expressive tweet, told off Vodafone to stop judging his music unfairly and Give him a Slot.

Well, it seems the rapper managed to get Vodafone’s attention and they got in touch with Him. According to his recent tweet, someone from Vodafone called him. It seems the whole Twitter rant worked to his advantage after all. (See Tweet Below)