Bobby East Discloses Why He didn’t Rap On New song “Heaven”


Multi-award winning Rapper and Singer “Bobby East” recently dropped his official 2019 single “Heaven” which features legend “Winston Moyo” and the rapper decided to go mellow on it by singing throughout. The song which subsequently showcases his singing skills he has been bragging about the past few months however has most of his fans wishing he delivered even a single rap verse.

On brave fan on Twitter decided to ask him why he didn’t rap on the song and the Bobby East couldn’t hesitate to answer the looming Question.

According to the Daywalker, he initially planned to rap on it but was held back due to the lengthy of the track. He explained the song was too long for him to spit some bars on it.

When asked if he could re-do the joint, Bobby East declined and cited it would still be long.