Bobby East denies Stealing Input, Fires Back at Brawen & Reveals he doesn’t talk to H-Mac anymore



Hip-Hop recording artiste and XYZ Entertainments CEO “Bobby East” recently featured on “That Zedpodcast” for an Interview. During the interview, the Hatemail rapper unpacked a lot of issues pertaining his career and the recent exodus at XYZ Entertainments.

Bobby East disclosed Input wasn’t never stolen from Y Celeb as super mulolo alleged in an interview. However, Bobby East acknowledged the hook was composed by Y Celeb at the time he was part of 408 Empire with Ray Dee. According to Daywalker, he already had the Beat and wanted it to be on his Vanilla album. The song later ended up to be Nez Long‘s song after he heard the unfinished version recently and decided to contact Y Celeb for approval. Y Celeb was then featured even in the video and later blew up.

When asked about the situation at XYZ Entertainments where most of the artists left to join New Age Entertainments, Bobby East said he isn’t in talking terms with H-Mac currently. According to him, his relationship with H-Mac fell off because H-Mac felt he wasn’t picking sides between him and Slapdee. He further went off at Brawen for name dropping him in the ZMB Talks interview and claiming he (Bobby East) never liked him.

The KMP star however revealed he was actually the reason he got signed to XYZ Entertainments as he decided to overrule the Judges at the auditions just to give him a shot.

Bobby East also talked about how he never made money off any artiste despite being CEO at XYZ Entertainments as he was just volunteering. Watch the interivew below!