Bobby East Claps Back at Fan After Trolling Him.



Twitter has become an easy tool for fans to throw shade at a celebrity and Bobby East few days ago become the latest victim. The XYZ rapper Exchanged a few harsh words with a named twitter user who decided to troll him. The whole sage transpired after Bobby East shared the news about his collaborative album with Kaladoshas which is set to drop.

However, it seems the twitter user had issues with the caption which read “Joint RnB album on the way, Hide your girls” to which he responded “Hide You girls Kuti, we all know Bobby East cant perform. Our girls are safe..”. This reply didn’t sit well with “Vanilla Rob” who decided to clap back with a more vulgar and sarcastic response “Too Much small dick energy in this tweet… I said album not orgy Chule iwe..”

The Twitter confrontation went on with a few more replies (See Tweet above). Zed Twitter has been getting out of control lately with the likes on Tiye-P and Slapdee being victims of Shade.