Brisky attacks Tiye-P and Cleo Ice Queen On Social Media


Female rapper Brisky is back making headlines on social media ahead of the release of her debut album. The rapper who has been missing from the Limelight Claims Cleo Ice Queen is a “Nicki Minaj Wanna be”. This Remark was made as a Subliminal through a post on Brisky’s Facebook account.

She attached Photos of Nicki Minaj & Cleo Ice Queen to her post in order to draw comparison. Below is what She Posted;

“WOW! Woke up this morning and checked out cleo ice queen’s pic,she really reminded me of nicki minaj…

The Self-Proclaimed Queen of Zed HipHop also went ahead to diss her longtime rival  rapper Tiye-P. She claims Tiye-P was Missing Beats back in the day. Below Is what she wrote;

“So This guy is bragging like he knows tiye p, he turned back to me and asked if I knew tiye p than I was like really, I knew the guy from way back. , when he was missing on the beats.”

In response to the scenario, Dancehall artiste “Anivao” from the Duo “Davaos” has clapped back at the rapper. She responded by Saying Brisky should sit down and relax because she wasted her time sleeping around.. See Post below

Brisky is set to release her forthcoming album this November with Date for Sampling being on 18th at Folks Pun N Grill in Lusaka.