Biography: J-Mafia


Angel Nkandu also known as J Mafia was born in 1996 on the Copperbelt in Kitwe. He is the third born from the family of 3 Boys.In 2006 he came to Lusaka City from Copperbelt and settled in Old Kanyama.

He developed interest in music in 2009 and he was inspired by the local artist Danny Kaya by then he was able to Rap,Sing and Poetic. He recorded his fist song entitled ”Mulifire” in and he later began to learn Patois/Patwah, that’s the time he switched to dancehall music were he was really inspired by an international dancehall artist named Bennie Man from Jamaica.

He went to do a feature at K-amy studios in a friends song and Big Bizzy was impressed by J mafia‘s voice and dancehall style.So he signed him to his sub label (Starlight Music) which is under K-amy Limited.It looks like he is here to stay