Biography: Isaac Chabota Kanguya Jnr


Isaac Chabota Kanguya Jnr is the chief operating officer of Chalo Chatu foundation and motivational writer.


Chabota Kanguya was born in Mumbwa Lusaka in 1993. He went to aero precision collage to train as a pilot but that didn’t go as planned since the school did have its own airplanes and students had to hire for themselves. He also worked as the personal assistant to the managing director of Fidelity Labour Consultancy.

Early Years and Education

Chabota Kanguya was born in Mumbwa in February 1993 his famiy moved to Livingstone when he was 7 cause his father found a job at National Heritage Conservation Commission in livingstone. At Nalituwe Basic School, Chabota was in the Important Bird Areas club where he got the award for most birds watched at the age of 17 a record of 269 birds. He did his high school at Linda High School he served as club coordinator of the club called the Computer Awareness, he won first place during a quiz competition in the category computer science that took place at the Livingstone Museum. While at Linda High he was picked to be the Liberian at the school. In October of 2012 he enrolled for a short course under web development and networking with a small private institution.


Work and Chalo Chatu

In 2012 Chabota had his first job as the assistant managing director of Fidelity Labour Consultancy where he worked about a year he left that position in early 2013. In 2016 He joined Chalo Chatu as the organization’s chief operating officer. He was approached by Jason Mulikita to help document Zambia since he had been writing for Wikipedia for 6yrs and the experience writing using the MediaWiki language and has being on board since then. Chabota oversees Chalo Chatu’s business operations, specifically helping Chalo Chatu’s scale its operations and expand its global footprint. He also oversees sales management, human resources, marketing, public policy, privacy and communications.

Presonal Life & Religious views

Chabota is the first born from a family for 2boys and 2girls. Chabota is a protestant Christian whose religious views developed in his teenage life. He is a believer and baptised in the Seventh-Day-Adventist Church.