Biography: “Chanda Mbao”


“Carl Chanda Mbao” is an award winning Zambian hip hop artist born in Lusaka on the 31st of May in a family of 2.

He started school in Jamaica and the United States then he later returned to Zambia where he finished his secondary education. After secondary education, he moved to Spain for two years then  went to Miami to complete his college education and started work there.

His music career began in Spain, it was there were he had his first live performance, first professional studio session and first mix tape.

Some of his major projects include Desiderata his debut mix tape which was released in 2013 it had songs like Open my eyes, summer in Brazil, The Girl from yesterday,  Then in 2017 he released The Patriot album which had songs like Selfish, My Town, How I do it and Wave.

This year he had his first major international collaboration for his hit song The Bigger Wave which featured Laylizzy from Mozambique, Da L.E.S from South Africa, as well as Scott from Zambia and the video of this song was successfully premiered on Trace Africa.

Some of the main highlights in his career include winning the CBC TV Choice Hip-Hop video of the year in 2017.

Apart from music Chanda Mbao has worked in the financial sector since 2011 where he started working in investment banking and private equity. When he returned to Zambia in 2014, he got involved in corporate strategy. He recently started building his own investment company focused on real estate, agriculture and energy investments.