B-Flow Explains Why Cooperates Should Sponsor Local Music Awards



B-Flow this morning featured on ZNBC TV 2’s Morning Live Program where a music related topic was discussed. The Topic at hand was “Is Necessary for Cooperates to Pump Money in Zambian Music Awards”. Other than B-Flow, the show featured Owas Mwape a longtime Award Show Organizer in Zambia.

According to B-Flow it is important for Cooperates to put in lots of money in Music awards because Artiste invest much in Music. For Instance, an artist has to pay for Both Audio and Music Video Productions and hence money is needed.

A year ago, Many musicians led by Macky 2 Boycotted Zambia Music Awards sighting lack of better pay. The money the winners were awarded is what they called “Peanuts” and the issue rose debate which saw artists and cooperates giving different views.