Artiste Profile: R-Saijo


Born Richard Chawe (On 21stJanuary 2000) Popularly known as R-Saijo is a Zambian Hip-hop Musician. R-Saijo is Based is Lusaka the Capital City Of Zambia.

R-Saijo began showing interest in music since his childhood. In 2010 when he was at George Central Primary School, R-Saijo began to involve himself in school rap battles and singing competitions. His name R-Saijo came from his real name R= Richard and #Saijo is a Japanese word which means “The Great“.

He recorded his First song called Chainama Produced by Esimz(Bavele-vele) in 2015 and then later on he did A Cover For (Slapdee kuichaila beat)… which gave him recognition and above all he recorded his hit song called ‘Why Ma Busy‘ the song enjoyed radio play for a long time and it was positively appreciated by listeners.

R-Saijo believes in working hard and he believes in himself and put God in whatever he does. He never give up and not shaken or discouraged by anyone no matter how they try…. R-Saijo is single (not married) and he hate seeing women being humiliated. He hate people who enjoy playing games with women’s mind. And he believe that once a woman/girl is complaining about your life, things does not go well in life.

Eminem, Sarkodie, Kendrick Lamar and Slapdee are his inspiration because he believe in working hard and so these Four people has set up a good example for him which strengthen him everyday… on top of that  he has promised Zambian people that he will continue giving them good music and he will definitely meet their needs by producing good music. R-Saijo is not working under any management for now but hoping to have one very soon.

You can check up his Music from Zambian site’s.