Alpha Romeo Sends Back shots at Bobby East On a Song


After Bobby East decided to send shots at Alpha Romeo via Twitter for criticizing his song “Pyscho Bae‘s nomination at this year’s “Kwacha Music Awards” (Read Story Here), the K-Amy Heavyweight “Alpha Romeo” has decided to reply. The rapper used his guest appearance on “Young Dizmol” latest song called “Edgar Lungu” to fire back subliminals.

On the record, Alpha Romeo talks about his comeback and later shifts his attention to “Bobby East”. He claims Bobby East keeps a lavish swag on TV but rents a bedsitter apartment.

Tuma Cheap shots uto twapa ma Twitter/ Swag yapa TV ureti’nga Bedsitter“… he raps at the end of his verse.

This is could be the beginning of another Interesting HipHop Feud but will Bobby East reply with a Song?