Alpha Romeo Clarifies Complaints on Songs & Fallout with KB


Former K-Amy HipHop artiste and Veteran Alpha Romeo” recently sat down for an Interview with Dj PMC on which he cleared the air on a lot of issues. The “Mwationako” hitmaker has been in the news for going after his former label boss “KB” on his latest songs Letter to KB and Letter to PJay respectively.

At the beginning of the Interview, Alpha Romeo clarified that he identifies himself as a Poetic rapper and a Storyteller and that’s why people mistake his lyrics for complaints. He further elaborates that he isn’t a fantasy rapper but someone who raps about reality.

When asked about his fallout with KB, Alpha Romeo stated that he expected his former boss to sign him to Nexus Music Entertainments when he was appointed CEO of the record label. He also narrated how at one point K-Amy Studios at Findeco House was shut down and they had to move to his Moms’ (Alpha Romeo) house. Hence, he feels KB is indebted to him considering how far they have come together.

He however emphasized that despite KB not owing him anything when he took a new job at Nexus, he felted disappointed because he never told him or anyone at K-Amy. Alpha Romeo recently dropped an album called “Voices” under New Age Entertainments.