5 Reasons Why Slapdee Deserves to Be Crowned “King of Zed HipHop”


For Long there has been debate about who is the Sole King of Zambian HipHop. While the answer depends on which side of the Boat fans are, Slapdee is one the Best to ever Do this. Below are the 5 reasons why we feel Slapdee Can also sit on the Throne of Zambian HipHop.

5. He Has Released Many Studio Albums Than Most Zambian Rappers

Slapdee is the Only rapper to have had released 6 Successful Studio albums. All the 5 albums are classics of their own time. The albums are namely; “Asembe Isevenza“, Soche, Black Na White, True Story, The Business and Black Na White 2.

4. He has Scooped Many Awards Than any other Rapper

When it comes to Music Awards, the XYZ HipHop Mogul boosts Alot of Trophies than any other Rapper in Zambia. He is also the Only Zambian artiste to have walked away with 6 awards the same night

3. Longevity and Relevance

Despite clocking 10 Years in the Game, Slapdee has continued to stay Relevant and managed to Release Many Radio Charting Singles even up to date. Every Beat he raps on becomes an instant hit.

2. Ability to Blend in and Switch Styles

In the modern Era where HipHop Genre Keeps on Changing, Slapdee is one of a Few rappers who are able to follow trend. The emcee is able to rap on trap beats and also sing. This makes his style unlimited

  1. Ability to Rap in More Than 3 Languages

Slapdee is the Only Prominent rapper who has proved he can rap in More than 3 Languages. Over the Years, King Dizzo has been spiting Lyrics in Nyanja, Bemba, Tonga and English.

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