408 Empire Wanted by Police for assault


Copper belt group known as 408 empire famously known for their hit song Chilepule baby have assaulted a named member of another group known as dope boys , this was after the two groups were invited on a radio program hosted by head of programming Derek m’ngawa and News Editor Cornelius Kabwe on Jive FM Radio a Ndola based Radio station broadcasting from Jacaranda Mall.

It is alleged that 408 Empire have been stealing lyrics of copper belt upcoming artists for which jive FM provided the platform for all parties concerned to air their views. The situation got tense as managers of both groups (408 Empire and Dope Boys) Appeared on the live radio interview with both sides exchanging verbal Insults just outside the studios of Jive FM which lead to one of the 408 members assaulting the members of the Dope Boys The assault case was later reported to Ndola Masala police station